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Who You Gonna Vote For?
Americans’ Quadrennial Dilemma

by H.N. Bali
Get ready, all Americans — white and black, rich and poor, fat and slim, Democrats and Republican — to hail the Messiah, the Deliverer you’d been patiently waiting for decades. The sun may just be about to rise to herald that promised resplendent dawn ... Read On

Legends of the Mountains
by Aneeta Chakrabarty 
Scams and Scandals - Controversies
that Marred Rao’s Political Legacy

by H.N. Bali
Theoretically, the model of free enterprise that Prime Minister Narasimha Rao painstakingly ushered in, presupposes a value system of its own, whose one central value, of course, is freedom – freedom of unhindered operation within a given economic framework. Indeed fairness and fair play are the basic assumptions of the system. Each of these values can, however, be abused, especially when the central vigilance mechanism isn’t yet firmly in place. Read On

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